Welcome To Redbridge Forum

We are a charity organisation based in Redbridge and our aim is to help improve the quality of life for people with a learning disability and their carers, including those on the autistic spectrum.

We are part of the Redbridge Disability Consortium with offices in Ilford Lane. We offer information and signposting along with the following projects;

At present we run 2 projects for children; Fun 4 All and TrueColours.

We offer support for our members to learn to use the internet, along with other IT skills. We may be able to offer some help with form filling for people with a learning disability.

We support people with a learning disability to speak up for themselves and help to organise speak-up groups for adults with a learning disability. We also meet with carers to find out what they think about services in Redbridge. We sit on the Redbridge Learning Disability Partnership Board representing our members.

We also hold a Yoga session for parents of a child with a disability. Please see the page for more information.

If you require any further help- please call us at our office. If we are unable to help we will try our best to put you in touch with someone that can help.