Fairness Commsion- Taking Action on Inequality in Redbridge

The Redbridge Fairness Commission has been set up to investigate poverty and inequality in Redbridge and look at how the Council and its partners are taking action to address it. The Commission will seek to understand how austerity has affected the lives of local people and engage with a wide range of local community groups to identify priorities for making Redbridge fairer. In its final report due to be published in November 2015, the Commission will make recommendations to be taken forward by the Council and its partners to make Redbridge a fairer and more equitable place to live.

The Commission will run a series of public meetings across a number of themes. It will invite a range of local expert and community witnesses to contribute evidence and carry out a variety of engagement activities with community groups across the Borough. This evidence base will help to build a picture of local inequalities in Redbridge so that Commissioners can decide how the Council and its partners should take action.

Please refer to the website for more information


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