Uniting Friends Tate Modern art competition

Dear all,

Thank you for your patience!

I am glad to inform you that last week’s LD Week event -the Tate Modern Contest was a huge success with more visitors than ever in attendance. Over 500 attended throughout the week which was amazing.

53 pieces of art was entered into the contest.
16 pieces of art have won a place to be put on display at the prestigious Tate Modern on 21st June 2016 plus an extra piece under the Public Vote.

The decisions were made from the votes of three judges.
Two local artists: Andrea Lippett and Adam Wright and the third judge was Marcus Dickey Horley, Curator of Access and Special Projects at Tate Modern.

A big thank you to them and to everybody who entered the contest. The standard was very high this year and the judges had some very difficult decisions to make.

Here are the results:
Entry Number Title of Entry Artists Name Comments
1 Lovely Dream Steven Berkoff
2 Love is Sweet Julian Owen
9 Love is everywhere Robert Spill Judges Best in show
12 Love is family and friendship Ben Reeves, David Rowell’s Judges Best in show
16 Love is People Jackie Taylor
18 The Tree of Love Uniting Friends
21 Fashion is my passion Mulberry Lodge
23 Expression of Love Learning Disability Day Opportunities
32 Love Box Learning Disability Day Opportunities
33 Home is where the heart is. Woodbine
35 Puppy Love St Elizabeth’s, Herts Judges Best in Show
37 Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Waltham Forest Adult Learning
38 Love is Kind Limes Community Centre
40 Love Tree Learning Disability Day Opportunities
51 Love is precious Inky Cuttlefish
52 Love is Sprouting Sprout There! project
47 Love is Devotion Mulberry Lodge Public Vote
Congratulations to all those that got through.
Well done to everybody else for your contributions and putting in so much effort.
A big thank you to Kathy, Anton and Alison and the rest of the team at Leytonstone Learning Link for hosting the contest and to all those that helped set up.

Finally thank you to the Mayor and Mayoress of Waltham Forest for attending the exhibition on Wednesday and to the Mayor of Redbridge for attending and giving out the results on Friday.

Photos of the event will be posted on the Uniting Friends Facebook page

We still are looking for performer/performance for the opening ceremony so get in touch if you are interested. It’ll be at 11am and can last for up to 20 mins.

Also, If you are entering for the film show, please let me know.

See you at Tate Modern on 21st June!


Russell Lerner
Chief Executive
Uniting Friends
020 8551 8800

For information on the services provided by Uniting Friends please visit unitingfriends.org.uk