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The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has published draft recommendations on the future electoral arrangements for the London Borough of Redbridge. Today is the start of an 8 week public consultation on the Commission’s draft recommendations on new electoral patterns across the London Borough of Redbridge. The consultation closes on 22 August 2016.
View the draft recommendations
You can view the Commission’s draft recommendations at where you can find interactive maps, a report and guidance on how to have your say. The Commission has not finalised its conclusions and now invites representations on the draft recommendations.
Enclosed with this letter is a summary outlining the Commission’s draft recommendations and a copy of the letter sent to Chief Executive. An interactive map of the Commission’s recommendations for the London Borough of Redbridge, electorate figures and guidance on how to propose new wards is available on the consultation area at: Further information about the review and the Commission’s work is also published on our website at:
Have your say
We encourage everyone who has a view on the draft recommendations to contact us whether you support them or whether you wish to propose alternative arrangements.
Before finalising the recommendations, the Commission will consider every representation received during consultation whether it is submitted by an individual, a local group or an organisation. We will weigh each submission against the criteria the Commission must follow when drawing up electoral arrangements:
• To deliver electoral equality where each councillor represents roughly the same number of electors as others across the borough.
• That the pattern of wards should, as far as possible, reflect the interests and identities of local communities.
• That the electoral arrangements should provide for effective and convenient local government.
It is important that you take account of the criteria if you are suggesting an alternative pattern of wards. You can find additional guidance and information about previous electoral reviews on our website to help you or your organisation make a submission.
Get in touch
The Commission welcomes comments on the recommendations report by 22 August 2016.
Representations should be made:
• Through our interactive consultation portal where you can explore the maps of the recommendations, draw your own boundaries and supply comments at:
• By email to:

• Or in writing to:
Review Officer (Redbridge)
Local Government Boundary Commission for England
14th Floor
Millbank Tower

The Commission aims to publish every response it receives during phases of consultation. If you do not want all or any part of your response or name to be made public, you must state this clearly in the response. Any such request should explain why confidentiality is necessary. All responses may be subject to publication or disclosure as required by law (in particular under the Freedom of Information Act 2000).

This is the last opportunity to influence the Commission’s recommendations before they are finalised. We therefore encourage local people to get in touch with us and have their say.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
Mark Cooper
Review Officer
0330 500 1272

Volunteers Wanted

Would you be interested in helping?

 We are looking for volunteers who would be

interested in helping us to user test Redbridge i as

part of sessions due to be held in the coming months.

Your participation could really help make a difference.

If you are interested- please visit

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Thank you

Fairness Commsion- Taking Action on Inequality in Redbridge

The Redbridge Fairness Commission has been set up to investigate poverty and inequality in Redbridge and look at how the Council and its partners are taking action to address it. The Commission will seek to understand how austerity has affected the lives of local people and engage with a wide range of local community groups to identify priorities for making Redbridge fairer. In its final report due to be published in November 2015, the Commission will make recommendations to be taken forward by the Council and its partners to make Redbridge a fairer and more equitable place to live.

The Commission will run a series of public meetings across a number of themes. It will invite a range of local expert and community witnesses to contribute evidence and carry out a variety of engagement activities with community groups across the Borough. This evidence base will help to build a picture of local inequalities in Redbridge so that Commissioners can decide how the Council and its partners should take action.

Please refer to the website for more information

Budget Consultation

The London Borough of Redbridge are conducting a online budget consultation. LBR are facing an unprecedented financial challenge due to the programme of cuts by the Government and a huge increase in demand for services. We need to cut roughly a third from our budget, this means we need to save £70 million by 2017/18.

Help us to understand your priorities for services by having your say on budget savings. We are asking every single resident to take part in our budget consultation Redbridge Conversation, by using the online budget tool ‘You Choose’, you can have your say and help us understand your priorities for services.

If you require any help filling out the online consolation please contact Chris or Olivia at the Redbridge Forum office.

The link to the survey can be found below: